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July 18, 2014

•Vacation leave, ily
•Tried Size Matters. Porkchop was good! Must-try ☺️
•G bought his food at Mexicali. Im not a fan mexican food though
•77 for Tocx’s birthday 😁

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July 16-17, 2014

•Glenda happened so no electricity in the condo
• means I have no food. (The owner of Happy plate lives there also)
•McDonald’s for breakfast for two consecutive days, say whuuut. But it’s a late breakfast so no pancakes for me 3
•I made “bawi” during lunch cause I had yogurt and wheat bread + peanut butter
•On my first night, I ate tuna… With yangchow. HAHA di bagay swear :( I was craving chinese food, that’s whyyy
•The next day, I had chocolate oatmeal for dinner
•Bagyo selfies cause living near the office has its cons…

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July 15, 2014
Day 46
Breakfast: Ham Wrap
Lunch: Chicken Parmigiana
Dinner: I forgooot what it’s called :-(
Snack: Crackers w Peanut Butter and Cheese (no photo)
Best Meal/s: Lunch and Snack

Typical day. Gym -> work. I skipped treadmill this week, I biked for cardio this week. Also, I’m using my Workout by skimble app again. I found some HIIT workout in it too! I just want to do something different after a day or two so I won’t get bored.

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July 12-13, 2014

•Lazy weekend again
•We watched Miracle in Cell No. 7 (t’was my third time already) and I (still) cried :’(
•I love youuu Gene

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July 14, 2014
Day 45 Breakfast: Oatzcaldo
Lunch: Beef Wrap
Dinner: Wheat Pasta
Best Meal/s: Breakfast and Dinner

From @happyplateph again. Of course, I forgot what happened that day -.- It’s been a busy week at work. Huhu

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July 12-13, 2014

•Lazy weekend again
•We watched Miracle in Cell No. 7 (t’was my third time already) and I (still) cried :’(
•I love youuu Gene

kanin club snr foodie weekend saturdate

She’s Dating The Hipster 😳😂 #kathniel

She’s Dating The Hipster 😳😂 #kathniel


July 11, 2014

•Bumped into Jai and Roms! I rarely see my college friends so I’m so glad that I got to see them :-)
•Went to Rey’s place for Anshe’s welcome party. His house was our go-to place during highschool
•Anshe’s my bff from Elementary! We do weird stuff together like counting steps from one place to another.
•Our relationship’s like “when I laugh, she laughs. When I cry, she cries” LITERALLY
•She’s been away for more than 10 years but we still stayed connected!
•We screamed and almost cried when we finally saw each other. Awww.
•One of the best nights ever

July 8-10, 2014
Day 42-44

For this week I ordered from yummydietph :-) food was so-so. Some are good, some I didn’t like (anything with tofu cause I don’t eat that). I’m too lazy to document everything cause I’ve been busy with work. I ordered for Monday-Friday but I kept on cheating so I didn’t count mon and fri. I promise to get back on track for next week. I hope I find something motivating :-)

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July 5-6, 2014

Weekends are really cheat days.

Gene prepared the ff. over the weekend:
•Burgers ala Snack Shack
•Chicken in Mushroom Gravy x Bacon

And Gene’s mom prepared the pancakes. Huhuhu I think I’m addicted to pancakes. Always craving it!

I prepared the graham w kitkat and cadbury. Fail cause Gene put those chocolates everywhere!!! Huhu. Hassle. I had a different plan for that. Oh well~ next time.

Other food from Rub Ribs and Bbq and A Veneto! :-)

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